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Waterjet Knives

Punch Dagger

Punch Dagger

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We have been getting a lot of requests for this so we hope you like it! The first waterjetknives designed punch knife. Easy to hold, solid grip and ready to be sharpened. Everything you could want in one of these bad boys.

The punch knife is available in 1/8" AEB-L and 5/32" 80crv2 stainless. Check the Metals page to learn more about AEB-L and 80crv2.  This is a knife blank, meaning that its a thick piece of metal cut in the shape of a knife; it isn't sharp and there is no handle.  Your job is to turn it into a beautiful knife. 

All knife quality steels are annealed to make shaping your knife easier. Steel will need to be heat treated(hardened) in order to keep an edge.

Blade: 2.75”
Overall: 4.8"
Height 3"

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