Take a look through the common questions people have.  If you have a question that isn't answered here, then contact us.

Why use a waterjet?

Knife steel is easiest to work while it is annealed (in a softer state). Then when your knife is shaped and ready, you take it through a heat treating process that makes the metal hard so it can hold a sharp edge. When cutting out a blade you don't want to add heat to the metal as it can cause uneven heat and hardness in the metal making it hard to work.  The waterjet doesn't add any heat when cutting, so the blanks arrive still perfectly annealed.

I can get stuff laser cut locally, will that work?

Laser cutting heats the knife blank while it's being cut out which hardens the steel. Trying to shape a hardened blade on a belt grinder will wear out belts a lot faster and make it more difficult to work. 

Where do we get our metal?

All of our metal is made in the USA with ISO 9001:2015 quality standards.

Why do you offer A36 for a knife?

A36 is a low-cost metal that can be used for practice.  It's great to practice on a cheap piece of steel instead of potentially wasting expensive knife steel.  

Which steel is best?

There is no best steel.  There are only bests for specific applications.

A36 is best for practice, it can still create a beautiful knife, but it would dull quickly and be prone to rusting if it isn't oiled. 

1095 is an excellent choice because of its affordability while still being a great all-around knife steel.  It isn't as durable and wear resistant as O1, or as corrosion resistant as D2 and S30V.  Its a top performer at this price point.

O1 is great for beginners because it is easy to heat treat without specialty equipment.  It is easy to sharpen and can hold a good edge.

D2 is a fantastic steel, its often called semi-stainless because of its high resistance to corrosion.  It holds a fantastic edge, but can be trickier to sharpen

CPM S30V is a high end stainless steel. It was formulated specifically for knives to provide high edge retention and high corrosion resistance.  

What is the turn around time for my order? 

To keep costs low, we stock steel in bulk and then make your order when its placed.  Orders are typically shipped within 3 business days.  

What is the shipping cost? 

The rates are calculated from our location to yours. 

What kind of grinding do you do?

We do our grinding with an industrial surface grinder.  This adds a beautiful and perfectly flat finish to the metal.  When the metal comes from the manufacturer it comes with 'mill scale' or a blackish finish from the manufacturing process.  It also can be slightly uneven thicknesses. 

The 'Surface Grinding' option involves a grind on each side of the knife blank to level the surface and remove the scale left by manufacturing.  

Do you do custom orders? 

Yes, we can do custom orders.  There is a $50 Design Deposit placed at the time of order.  You work with our CAD Engineer to get the design the way you want it.  We then create a private link for you to order your design. If you order 5 or more of your design in the same steel we credit your deposit to your order.  Order Custom Knives here.

What equipment do I need to turn my knife blank into a real knife? 

Knives were one of the first tools ever made.  So if you want to go full caveman, you can probably make a knife using rocks.  For very basic, we suggest a set of good files or a cheap belt sander.  Then you can add more tools to your arsenal as you progress.  There are many great resources online, and the knife making community is typically very helpful. 

Are you the guys that do that YouTube thing?

Yes! You may have come here from YouTube, in which case, thanks for the support.  If not, go check us out on youtube,  https://www.youtube.com/waterjetchannel

Why does that guy lick stuff?

Gross, why would you even ask that?


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