About Us

Do people even read these pages?

Waterjet Knives is an American company based out of Utah.  We started a YouTube channel using our waterjet cutter to cut through random objects, like a bowling ball, a rattlesnake, and an anvil.  After doing that for a couple years, we decided we should probably do something more productive, so we started making knives. 

Our steel is made in the US of A by Crucible Industries.  We chose American manufacturing over internationally produced steel to keep your knives as tough as possible.

After receiving a shipment of steel, we use a 60,000 PSI waterjet to divide the sheets and cut out the knife blanks.  We use waterjet cutting because it produces minimal heat and leaves the metal's physical properties unchanged.

We provide various finish options from leaving the mill scale intact to precision grinding on an industrial surface grinder. Once the knife blank is ground, or not ground, we ship it directly to you, the master knife maker.