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Premium CA glue.  Comes with super thin, medium and thick viscosities.  Each bottle contains 20 grams (0.71 oz) of super glue.  CA Glue is the main product we use to add a shiny, protective finish to our knife handles when made of wood or similar.  Super Thin viscosity seals porous materials exceptionally well.  Medium provides a nice topcoat.  Thick fills voids and secure larger pieces.

Note to our International Customers:  Note to our International Customers:  Most countries outside of The USA, Canada, The UK, Australia, and New Zealand will not accept liquids through their regular postal service.  We therefore have to use a more expensive shipping service such as DHL or UPS.  If you live in Europe (except the UK), Africa, or Asia, you may need to pay for premium shipping if any Astro Tech liquid products are in your purchase. We will contact you with a custom quote if you live in an area that might require the additional shipping cost. Thank you for your understanding!